Junior Kindergarten: Four Year Old Program

Children must be four years old to be in our Four Year Old Program and do not require one to one supervision. They must also have ability to function within a 1:10 teacher to student ratio, not require one to one supervision, take turns most of the time, understand and follow most directions when given, and maintain personal care (i.e. eat, clothe and toilet independently).


6:00-9:00             Welcome! **Interactive Play. Parents greeted as they arrive,

                                transitions provided. Potty Time upon arrival 
8:00-8:30             Breakfast (Children returned to play as breakfast is completed)
9:00-9:20             *Circle Time/Chapel
9:20-10:20          Learning Centers with featured teacher guided activities 
10:20-10:40        Group Time One 
10:40-11:15        Outside Time/Indoor Gross Motor 
11:15-11:35        Group Time Two 
11:35-11:45        Lunch Preparation 
11:45-12:15        Lunch 
12:00-12:10        Preparation for Nap time/**Interactive Play 
12:15-12:30        Story Time 
12:30-2:30          Nap Time 
2:30-3:15             Snack/Learning Centers with featured teacher guided activity
3:15-3:30            Group Time 3- Bible Lesson 

3:30-4:00            Outside Play/Indoor Gross Motor 

4:00-4:15            Closing Circle Time 

4:15-6:30            *Interactive Play

(Parents Greeted, Daily Activities Shared) late afternoon snack is offered from 5:45-6:00pm. Children will return to play as they finish. 


* Chapel is on Wednesdays 

** Interactive Play will include the following centers: Art, Blocks, Nature/Science, Math/Numbers, Dramatic Play, Table Toys, Reading, and Writing opportunities.

Woodbridge Campus

13061 Touchstone Circle

Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

Stafford Campus

628 Cambridge Street

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405